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My Fantasy Hair Extensions
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We are the leaders for the best clip in hair extensions online. Our rare Double-Drawn process is the difference, and almost doubles the value of Remy human hair. "Double-Drawn" is a lengthy process our hair goes through, which ensures every hair strand is of the same length.

Every hair purchase includes a FREE Hair Hanger and Storage Bag!

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Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in Extensions

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Customer Reviews



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10pc. Virgin Collection

10pc. Virgin Collection

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Why is Why is

Why is "My Fantasy Hair" The Best Brand?

Our hair quality is much higher than other brands in our league. Our pure human hair is not only “Remy”, it is also “double-drawn”. This lengthy process takes twice the amount of time to prepare, and ensures that every hair strand is sorted-through and the same length. This process is rare, and doubles the value of human hair extensions. This is done right here in our U.S. office, rather than reshipping pre-packaged hair extensions from overseas. Every hair purchase includes a FREE Hair Hanger and Storage Bag, for styling and storing your extensions. A $20 value! Open our beautiful packaging to fully inspect our quality, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and free returns and exchanges!

New Ombré Shades are HERE!

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  • 10pc. Deluxe Collection

    1 Triple Weft, and 9 Double Wefts
    12″, 14′, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, or 26″ Long
    140 to 230 grams

  • 1pc.

    Quadruple Wefted for Volume
    12″, 14′, 16″, 18″, or 20″ Long
    55 to 75 grams

  • 10pc. Super Deluxe Collection

    1 Triple Weft, and 9 Double Wefts
    20″ Long
    & 230 grams

  • 9pc. Colossal Collection

    1 Quad Weft, 1 Triple Weft, and 7 Double Wefts
    18″ Long – 240 grams
    20″ Long – 265 grams
    20″ Long – 300 grams

  • 10pc. Colossal Collection

    2 Quad Wefts, 1 Triple Weft, and 7 Double Wefts
    20″ Long
    & 380 grams

  • New! 10pc. Ombré Collections

    1 Triple Weft, and 9 Double Wefts
    18″ or 20″ Long
    & 170 or 190 grams

  • NEW! Virgin Collection

    Virgin Remy Cuticle Hair

    12″, 14′, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, or 24″ Long
    140 to 210 grams

  • Custom Extensions

    Looking for a length not offered with our original Deluxe Collection? Choose your custom length for all 10 pieces here.

  • Hair Care

    Our NEW Hair Care Line is specially formulated specifically for hair extensions, and infused with pure Argan Oil. Increase the lifespan of your hair extensions with our new, sulfate-free Care Line!

  • Accessories

    Styling and storing your extensions has never been easier. Use our NEW Hair Hanger and Storage Bag to style your extensions, and store them safely.

The Perfect Solution to Longer Hair...The Perfect Solution to Longer Hair...

The Perfect Solution to Longer Hair...

My Fantasy Hair is the leader for the best clip in hair extensions. Our clip-in method is specially designed to provide the longer, thicker hair you have always wanted instantly. This is the safest method of hair extensions on the market, and the easiest to achieve and maintain. Each clip has a non- slip,silicone coating that secure your extensions comfortably, and prevent slipping. You can have longer and healthier hair that will last, without damaging your natural locks. Our clip-in method is safe to your natural hair, and takes only minutes to apply!

100% Remy human hair, and double-drawn!

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What People Are Saying

  • Samantha Walker

    “I just received the 20 inch extensions in Chestnut today, and I’m TOTALLY in love with them! They’re thick and of excellent quality. The delivery in the mail was fast as well! My Fantasy Hair extensions are the best I’ve tried and I couldn’t be happier – I’m definitely a loyal fan now and will buy again in the future!”

  • Kelly Damanico

    “I just want to thank you so much for my extensions. I had no idea they would be so healthy. There are seriously no broken hairs anywhere! Love these, and will buy again.”

  • Ashley C. said:

    “BEST extensions ever! I opened my package and just froze 🙂 The quality is gorgeous, and I was pleasantly surprised. Customer service was so helpful. An overall perfect purchase.”

  • Cheyenne McCullough

    “I can’t believe how healthy looking my extensions are. Thank you so much. I have always had such thin hair, and I have tried so many brands before. Some were good, but nothing were as good as these are. I can’t believe I haven’t even heard of you guys before! Keep up the good work!!”

  • Felicia Thompson

    “Love love love! The reviews were absolutely right, although I wasn’t sure when I purchased. The extensions are everything I feared they wouldn’t be, and everything I hoped they would. I am so happy I found these, and I am a customer for life!”

  • Stephanie Summers

    “Just wanted to say you guys have the BEST hair extensions EVER!!!! I hoped they would be what the reviews said, and I am very surprised at the quality. These are by far the best clip in extensions, and I have tried many brands before.”

  • Sarah Jacobs

    “My hair stylist completely wrecked my real hair. It melted off due to over processing, and is in really bad shape right now. After doing a ton of research and spending hours upon hours watching reviews on hair extensions, I decided to take the leap & try some. My Fantasy Hair seemed to be my best bet. I’ve had my extensions for a few days now, and I can honestly say that they have changed my life. For the first time in a long time, I feel so beautiful, so confident. The first time I put them in, I cried, out of pure happiness. I just wanted to write in and say THANK YOU, so much, from the bottom of my heart, for helping to boost me up in a time when I needed it immensely. I have told everyone I know about your amazing product and customer service.”

  • Carissa Bradshaw

    “I have used fusion extensions in the past, and they completely ruined my natural hair. I tried a lot of clip in hair extension brands, until I finally tried these. I wish I had tried them sooner. Why couldn’t you he just been around longer! Lol. Gorgeous quality, and thicker than any other hair extensions I have worn in the past. Thank you for such a great set of hair. I received Dark Chocolate in 16”, and they are super thick. Not a broken hair in sight either. Definitely recommend these!”

  • Holly Millbrooks

    “I just received my extensions, and I can definitely say they are the best hair extensions by far! I have tried so many brands, I lost count. I have bought extensions that were much less in quality, and paid $400 for a set of extensions just like these. And this quality is much better. I have read so many great reviews, and I know now that they were all right! Thank you so, so much, I have searched for this quality at a good price for a long time. The price is awesome, product is incredible, and customer service is amazing!”

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