1pc. Quad Wefts

Add instant, luxurious volume!


12″, 14″, 16″, 18″ or 20″ inches long. 55 to 75 grams.

Our Volumizing Quad Weft is our 1-piece extension piece, that allows you to add loads of volume to your hair instantly. This massive hair-piece contains FOUR times the amount of hair that is found with a standard single-weft extension piece. This piece is mainly used for adding volume to your natural hair, and can be clipped in with just a few snaps! Match your natural length – for maximum volume. This piece may also be used for adding length as well as volume, and makes a nice added layer for the epic “Rachel from Friends” layered hairstyle. Classic one! Starting with a natural bob-cut or shoulder-length hair, adding one of our Quad Wefts can give you an extra layer in just 4 snaps!

Clip-in an instant ponytail by inserting this piece “upside-down”, or add this piece to your favorite MFH Collection.  The possibilities are endless ∞ ∞ ∞

Choose you length to begin..

12'' Quad Wefts - 55 Grams

12” inches long

55 grams

14'' Quad Wefts - 60 Grams

14” inches long

60 grams

16'' Quad Wefts - 65 Grams

16” inches long

65 grams

18'' Quad Wefts - 70 Grams

18” inches long

70 grams

20'' Quad Wefts - 75 Grams

20” inches long

75 grams

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