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My Fantasy Hair Extensions

9pc. Colossal Collection

Volume on another level…

18″ or 20″ inches long and 240, 265, or 300 grams.

Our brand NEW 9pc. Colossal Collection is here! This massive collection contains (1) quadruple-wefted piece, 1 triple-wefted piece, and 7 double-wefts. Our Quad Weft and Triple Weft add loads of volume to your hairstyle! Our 9pc. Colossal Collection is strategically designed for blending naturally with your own hair. This collection is available in 18″ long, and 240 grams. Or, 20″ long in 265 grams, or 300 grams of hair. (1) Quad Weft is used for volumizing the back of your hair, and contains FOUR-times the amount of hair as a “single-wefted” extension piece. (1) Triple Weft is also used for volumizing, and contains three-times the amount of hair as a single-wefted extension piece. (7) double-wefted pieces are also included for blending: (2) 3-clip wefts and (5) 2-clip wefts. Our 9pc. Colossal Collection has been specifically designed for adding LOADS of volume to your natural hair, while distributing the extensions evenly to create the best blending solution possible.


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