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Q: I see the “Quad Weft” was included in your 10-piece set, and this has been mentioned in videos, and reviews, etc… Why is there now a “Triple Weft” in every 10-piece set?


A: We have dedicated almost 10 years, to finding the best possible solution for blending clip in extensions, so that the hair is in just the right places for perfect blending. At one time, we had the Quad Weft within each 10 piece set. The other 9 wefts were only single wefted, and we noticed that they really needed to be thicker.

Basically when we added more hair grams recently, we wanted to give more hair to the other 9 pieces. So rather than the Quad Weft in each set, there is now a Triple Weft. This allows us to have 9 “double-wefted” pieces in a set, and still have a Triple Weft in addition. It matters where each piece is placed, and how much hair each piece contains. We have found a perfect solution, so that each weft contains just the right amount of hair, to blend with your natural hair in the best way possible.

We aren’t doing away with the Quad Weft! This piece still available for purchase separately, or you can add any number of these pieces to your 10pc. Deluxe Collection.

**Our NEW Colossal Collections include our Volumizing Quad Weft as well. Our 9pc. Colossal Collections include 1 Quad Weft, 1 Triple Weft, and 7 Double-Wefted pieces for blending. And our 10pc. Colossal Collection includes TWO Quad Wefts, 1 Triple Weft, and 7 Double-Wefted pieces for blending.

Q: How much are hair extensions from My Fantasy Hair if shipped outside the United States?

A: We will ship to your country with three International delivery options. The first is our USPS Priority International option. This cost is calculated during checkout, and depends on your country or region. Priority International takes anywhere from 7 to 30 business days to deliver, depending on your country. Most well-known areas that receive United States shipments often will deliver around 2 weeks or so, but we cannot guarantee this. This is only an estimate, so we ask that you still allow 7 to 20 business days depending on your area. Countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, etc. usually take less time.

Our second option is USPS First Class International, which is our less expensive option. This delivery option should take anywhere from 7 to 30 business days, depending on your area. Most well-known areas will take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Our third method for International is Fed-Ex. This price is also calculate during checkout, and only takes 3 to 5 business days anywhere in the world. This is the most costly option, but most reliable option as well. Tracking is also available the whole way.

Q: Are clip in extensions better than glue in extensions?


A: Absolutely 100%! Glue-in extensions obviously destroy your natural hair. Why take the chance? You can clip these extensions in and go!
Never worry about your natural hair being ruined, and have confidence that in the meantime, your natural hair is growing the way it was intended. It is temporary, you can remove them whenever you like, but they are so fast to install. Our clips fit so securely, you never have to worry about them slipping. Teasing and hairspray is not needed for the clips to stay in place. Our wefts are not “bulky” at the top near the sewing, to make the wefts look thicker than what they are.

Some companies use big, thick wefts on each piece, to make the extensions add more volume to your hair. That is common, but it is dishonest, misleading, and you have a much better chance of your extensions being exposed! Probably a clip in hair consumer’s worst nightmare. At the top of our wefts they are flat, and they lie across your hair-line discreetly. Our triple weft, for example, is sewn tightly, on a sturdy, but flat weft for better hiding. We use the thinnest weft materials on the market. There is no better way than clip in extensions, and no better way than My Fantasy Hair!

Q: What is Remy hair?


A: Remy is the highest grade of human hair extensions. It means that the cuticles of the hair have been carefully sorted through to ensure they all run in the same direction. The strands have not been stripped, like most non-Remy extensions are. The cuticles have been preserved to create the most natural look, and keeps the hair from tangling. Because the cuticles run in the same direction, there is less chance that the strands of hair will “snag”, and cause tangling.

Imagine trying to run your hand across a fur rug. When you run your hand across the rug in the right direction, the feeling is smooth, and easy. When you run your hand in the opposite direction, there is resistance, and with human hair, it can be a mess. This is similar to the way cuticles run on human hair. Non-Remy hair products are usually put together with the left-over hair, that is in the floor after cutting from the donor. Our factory sorts through every strand of hair, to ensure the cuticles are all running in the same direction. The “Remy” process  makes our hair more valuable, because of the meticulous time put into each strand of hair.

Q: How long do these extensions last?


A: This depends on how you take care of them. Mainly, it depends on which products you choose to use on your extensions. By using our Extensions Style Guide, your extensions can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, with everyday use. The way they are cared for, will have great impact on the life-span of your extensions. Clip in hair extensions are not connected to your scalp, like your natural hair. Therefore, the extensions will not collect the natural oils from your scalp, as your natural hair does. Because the extensions have no root, they will not need washing nearly as often as your own hair. Be sure to deep condition your extensions after each wash, and only wash every 4 to 6 weeks, as needed. See our Style Guide for more… If you only use them for special occasions, our clip in hair extensions can last for an unlimited number of years!

The pure, Remy quality of our extensions helps them to last much longer, but this will not make them last forever. It is a common concern, that when your extensions are heat styled constantly, that you will start to see damage to the ends. Unlike your own hair, the extensions can not grow to replace the damaged hair. The ends of any human hair needs to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. So after a couple of months, if your extensions acquire some damage at the ends, it is probably time for a trim! Your extensions will damage with heat styling, and there isn’t a way around it. Use a heat protection spray before applying heat, and follow our full Style Guide. Avoid dyes, harsh shampoos, and any other hair product you can live without. The only thing that will cause any change in texture to your extensions, is hair products. TEST everything first!

Q: How often should you wash them?


A: With everyday use, you should wash them every 4-6 weeks. Use a moisturizing shampoo, and a good deep conditioning treatment. When you start to
have build-up of hairspray and other hair products, wash as needed. Try not wash them often, because unlike your natural hair, these extensions will not collect the natural oils from your scalp (Which is the best conditioning treatment for your hair). So, your extensions do not need washing often. The extensions have no way of replenishing their moisture. Your natural hair does, because it is connected to your scalp. Any clip in hair extensions will dry out faster than your own hair, and this is the case with any extensions brand. Our quality stays soft, shiny, and high quality throughout its lifetime, but deep conditioning is needed. Your scalp’s oils will never reach the extensions, so you will have to help them out. Read much more about maintenance on our Style Guide Page.

Q: What type of hair is My Fantasy Hair?


A: 100% Pure Remy, human hair. Imported from India. Indian hair is the best material to make extensions with. This hair type is soft, shiny, and easy to style and maintain. Some use European Hair, or Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair, or even Chinese hair. There are many types of human hair extensions, and Indian hair is the best for clip in hair extensions. You want your hair to be soft, shiny and beautiful. But you also want the extensions to blend well with your natural hair. Indian hair has been proven to last longer than most others. The strands are thicker and stronger, and this is what makes them outlast the rest. There are other hair types that do not work well for clip in extensions, so we highly recommend using Indian hair. Some hair types will becomes coarse, tangled, and unmanageable within a few weeks, or after the first wash. Indian hair is the most common material used for clip in hair extensions, for many reasons. Our hair is also pure Remy hair. To learn more about “Remy hair”, see our Q & A above where it reads: “What does Remy mean?”

Our hair is also one of the few brands that carry only double-drawn hair extensions. This means all of our human hair has been carefully sorted through (2 times) to ensure any short hairs are removed from the hair extensions. We ensure that every strand of hair will be the same length, from top to bottom. This eliminates any breakage or “uneven” strands of hair. Most brands do not advertise “double-drawn” hair, because their extensions are only sorted through once. This is a longer process that our extensions go through in our factory, which makes our hair type much more valuable. Double-drawn human hair is the healthiest, shiniest and most desired hair-type there is.

Q: Do real hair extensions clip in better than synthetic extensions?


A: Synthetic extensions can look very unrealistic and fake. You want the look of what is most like you own hair. That would be human hair. They blend the best, look the most natural, and you can style them just as you would your natural hair. Synthetic extensions will most likely melt when heat is applied. Yes, we said “melt”. Synthetic hair is plastic. Some companies claim to have synthetic hair that does not melt or burn. This may be true for very few companies, but the hair will most likely still melt with a higher heat setting on your styling tools. No one wants that. Always use human hair to be on the safe side, and you will not regret it.

Q: What is the difference in price with My Fantasy Hair vs. the other companies?


A: Our hair extensions are the finest quality of human hair on the market. Our prices are the very best, considering our quality. If you are paying less
than what we charge, it is going to be because the hair extensions may not be 100% Remy human hair, or because our competitors do not have as many
grams (hair weight)  in their hair extension sets. Someone from our company is traveling to India often. We oversee what goes on in our factory. Most hair extension brands will only ship hair in from China, and have never seen a human hair factory.

Our hair is made of pure Remy, double-drawn human hair. The terms “Remy” and “Double Drawn” are two of the highest-quality processes that can be done to human hair. These terms are explained above in detail.

Most of our competitors are in the same neighborhood as far as pricing. Most will not carry “Remy” human hair, or “Double-Drawn” hair. This definitely makes My Fantasy Hair the best choice, with reasonable pricing. For our exceptional quality, we have been able to lower our prices a substantial amount. We also offer FREE U.S. Shipping on $99 or more, AND include a free Hair Hanger and Storage Bag with every extensions purchase! These items are also sold separately in our Online Store. (Many other brands carry these items for a price as well). But we include these items absolutely FREE with any hair purchase!

My Fantasy Hair is one of the only brands that carry the amount of hair grams in our sets, and we have definitely set the bar high. Anything lower than or hair weight is usually not enough hair. Anything heavier is usually too much, which can possibly lead to shedding.

Q: Can you make these extensions into ponytail extensions without the clips showing?


A: Absolutely! It may take some practice, but it can surely be done. You may want to consider putting the extensions in a low ponytail for best results.
If you want a higher ponytail extensions style, we suggest a tight and strong ponytail holder because of how much hair that is in our sets. Just grab
from both sides as you normally would, and once the ponytail holder is in place, just rearrange your hair and shift it to cover the wefts. Our wefts are not bulky, so they are much easier to hide than others. The most common pieces to try this out with, is our Quad Weft, and/or Triple Weft. Try it out!

Q: What do I do if a clip comes off?


A: You may either sew it back on just like you would a button, or you can send it back to us free of charge, and we will repair them. We also include a few extra clips with each hair extensions purchase in case they are needed. Your clips should never come off, but if they were to, they are under warranty for 6 months after purchase. We hand-sew our clips on as tightly as we can, but sometimes, they may come loose. It is no different than a button coming off a shirt, and completely fixable.

If you are outside of the United States, shipping will be your responsibility to and from our office. It is usually best to request that we send a new clip, or clips to you by mail, if International. The shipping charge will vary, depending on the method of shipping used, and the country. For U.S. repairs, we will take care for the delivery charge on our end.

Q: What are the best products to use on my clip in hair extensions?


A: We have released our new hair care line, which is specially formulated for hair extensions of all types. This care line is designed to add moisture back into your hair, and for clip-in extensions, this important. This is just the nature of any clip-in extensions because they are not connected to the root of your scalp, collecting your natural oils. Our hair care line is Argan oil infused, and 100% sulfate-free!

We suggest only washing them every 4-6 weeks depending on how often you wear them. See our Extensions Style Guide. Never use a clarifying shampoo, always a shampoo with moisture for “dry” hair. This seems to work best. Try to stay away from shampoos containing the ingredient “Sulfate”. This causes excessive drying of the hair, and more about this can be found on our Style Guide as well. Deep condition after each wash. And always, always before heat styling, apply a heat protection spray. This will extend the life of your extensions when heat styling.

Q: Will you match my color?


A: We will definitely match your color, and this can be done one of two ways. You may send us a lock of your very own hair at this address, which
is the best way to get your exact match:

My Fantasy Hair- Color Match

1980 Ingram Cove

Olive Branch, MS 38654

Or, you may attach a recent picture of yourself in an email, and send it to our email address:
See our Color Matching Page for additional help.

Q: What products do you suggest on the extensions?


A: We recommend only using hydrating shampoos, and NOT clarifying shampoos. This is to prevent less drying of the hair.

We also recommend using a deep conditioner on the extensions after each wash. Letting the conditioner set overnight is best. We have much information on how to use products on your extensions, on our Style Guide page.

Q: When will my order ship from My Fantasy Hair?


A: All new orders need 2-3 days to process through our computer system, and to be packaged and labeled. We will then ship to you with the shipping method you have chosen.

Q: I have seen 3 clips on the Quad wefts in past YouTube videos. On the website there are 4. Why is this different?


A: We did have 3 clips on our Quad wefts, and have recently changed it to 4 clips. This is a thicker piece than any other piece, and we believe the extra clip adds a little more protection and hold.

Q: I need a refund or exchange, what do I need to do?


A: Contact us with your request, and let us know what you need. If you qualify, we will direct you to our Returns Form, in which we will need you to fill out, and submit. First contact must be made within 3 days after receiving your item. Our Return Policy must also be followed for any, and all returns.
Visit our Returns Page for more information

Q: Can you dye these extensions?


A: You may dye these extensions, because they are 100% human hair. However, we do not recommend this, and you will be dying the extensions at your own risk. Just like with the many different hair types around the world, there may be some dye brands that will not take to each hair strand the same way. Genetics play a role, dye brands play a role, and dying hair can be very unpredictable. Having a professional stylist dye the hair for you is always the best option as well. We can never guarantee the results you are aiming for, so we highly recommend using one of our color matching services to help you find your perfect color match.

You have spent your whole life “getting-to-know” your natural hair. You will need time to get-to-know your extensions. Although all the same quality of human hair, genetics will be slightly different in each strand of hair. This is just the nature of any human hair. Some brands will guarantee you can dye their extensions, but you will also see many unhappy customer reviews afterwards as well. It could come out beautifully, and it may not. Be sure if you decide to dye the extensions, test a small piece first. If the piece comes out okay, then dye the remaining extensions. And this still will not guarantee desired results. Read more about dying our extensions on our Style Guide Page.

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