Balayage 101: The basics of the hottest hair color trend

Balayage (pronounced like bah-li-aghe) is a hot yet timeless trend in hair color. Vogue has called Balayage, “the biggest colour trend since Holly Golightly’s highlights.” Balayage is a French word that means “sweeping” or “painting”. It refers to a technique of applying hair highlights freehand (as opposed to all-over color or foils). Instead of going right down to the roots the color is painted on from a few inches away from the scalp to the ends of the hair, producing a sun-kissed, natural transition from darker roots to lighter ends.

Unlike other methods that leave a blunt line (hello, roots!) the Balayage technique gives your tresses a beautiful ombre appearance from dark to light – as though your hair got lightened by the sun as it grew out. The technique is gorgeous on its own, and its also a fantastic way to blend grown out hair color or highlights into a beautiful and more natural look. It is a good option for people who are hair color newbies because it is more subtle and natural-looking than other color techniques and it grows out nicely.
Balayage color is the go-to color technique seen on many celebrities. A few great examples are…
• Chrissy Teigen
• Gisele Bündchen
• Ciara
• Sarah Jessica Parker
• Jessica Biel
• Rihanna
As you can see, Balayage gives a lovely, “your-hair-but-better” natural look. It gives movement and dimension to shorter cuts, and keeps longer styles from looking too bulky or heavy.
Here is what to expect when you get Balayage at the salon…
• You choose your color
• Your colorist will section your hair
• Section by section your colorist will paint on the color with a brush
• You sit with the color on for about 30 minutes
• Your colorist will rinse out the color and apply toner
• You sit with the toner on for a few minutes
• Your colorist will rinse out the toner
• Dry and enjoy your color!
Balayage gives the hair added dimension and movement without stark color changes. You can do Balayage to balance out your natural hair color, or to add depth to all-over hair color. You can also use Balayage for bolder color, too. Trendy silver, blonde, and even vibrant, bright colors like purple and pink are even more beautiful and interesting when applied with Balayage technique.
In addition to the great look, Balayage is more low maintenance than other color techniques. Depending on the amount of contrast between the light and dark color, Balayage only has to be touched up every 6 to 8 weeks. In many cases you can get away even longer.
Talk with your colorist about Balayage and give it a try

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