Are you looking for some simple, yet clever methods for adding curl and bounce to straight, listless hair? These 6 awesome hacks are just what you need!

1. Timely Tips for Fast Curls
No time for an extended curling session? No problem. One great way to save time is with the ponytail hack. Put your hair up in a ponytail before curling. Curl sections of your hair while it’s in the pony. Then, release your hair tie and enjoy luxurious, bouncy curls in minutes.
2. Full Head of Curls
When time is not a major factor, you can get a super curly look by carefully sectioning your hair while using your curling iron. Smaller sections ensure more even heat distribution, which delivers longer-lasting curls. Use the right size for the look you want. Typically, the thinner the barrel, the tighter the curl. To achieve a more natural look, wrap your hair around your iron away from the face, rather than towards your head. Once you’re done, give your curls about 15 minutes to cool and set before touching them.
3. Straw Curls
If the look you’re striving for includes top volume from many tight curls, then straws are the way to go. Yes – drinking straws! Wrap small, damp sections of hair around long drinking straws. Secure each wrapped hair section with a bobby pin and tie the ends of the straw in a knot. Repeat this process until you have done your whole head. Leave the straw curls in overnight for lovely, fluffy, voluminous curls.
4. Braids
Braiding slightly damp hair at night before bed is an effective way to achieve a curly or wavy look for the next day. One large French braid can deliver lovely waves. For tighter curls, try several smaller braids. Experiment with your hair to achieve the look you want.
5. Springy, Bouncy Curls
Create a long-lasting spiral curl by “cooking” your curls with a flat iron and aluminum foil. Prep the foil by cutting it into several squares. The size is dependent upon how large you want each curl. Start with a section of hair and wrap it around 1 to 3 fingers. Wrap your coiled hair in a square of foil. Repeat this process until you have “foiled” all your hair. Carefully heat each foil square with your flat iron – for no longer than 45 seconds for each curl. Allow the foil to cool completely and remove for a head full of long-lasting, bouncy curls.

6. Simple and Quick Sock-Bun Hack
If you’re trying to avoid or minimize the potential damage that repeated use of hot curling irons can cause, this hack is a great alternative. This trick is optimum for those of you blessed with long tresses.
1. Start the night before with a long soft sock and a few bobby pins.
2. Snip the toe off your sock and roll it into a large, soft ring.
3. Brush your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
4. Slide your prepped sock ring over your ponytail down to the base.
5. Part the hair in your pony into two equal sections.
6. Wind each section of hair around your sock roll until you have covered it with all your free hair, secure the ends with a couple bobby pins.
7. Get a good night’s sleep.
8. The next morning, simply unwind your hair from your sock ring, unsecure your ponytail, and Voila – beautiful cascading curls!

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