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Let us help you choose the right shade! Use our Color Matching Guide to assist you on the right choice for your extensions.

Unfortunately, ordering hair online can be stressful, due to the hair colors changing with different device screens. Hair colors can be tricky, and camera settings and computer screens may be misleading. There are thousands upon thousands of color combinations used for computer and device screens, so it is very possible that our colors may look very different, depending on what screen you are looking at.

We even have computers in our own office that will alter our color chart, and it is just unavoidable. On top of that, the lighting in the photos can make a tremendous difference as well. So, the best thing to do when finding your perfect color match, is to send in an actual sample to us. We can take this sample, and match you with the best color for your extensions!

Color Chart

Click on a swatch to shop our extensions by color.

Color Chart

Click on a swatch to shop our extensions by color.
Hover your cursor over the colors in our color chart to find your perfect shade. Feel free to email us with a photo attachment. We also accept locks of your own hair, or a previous extension by mail. Our team will do whatever is necessary to get your hair color matched as accurately as possible. Let us help you create the look you need! We understand it is sometimes hard to see the actual colors perfectly, because not all computer screens show color the same. We try to make the process as easy as possible.

Colors will vary, depending on the computer screen or device you are using. Lighting on your device, in the photo, and the screens we are using can alter the hair colors. Color matching by email or online is never guaranteed for these reasons.

The numbers associated with the colors are standard all over the world. If you have been told you are one of these numbers, then there is a good chance ours may match. Keep in mind that these numbers are just a close configuration, and they are not exact all over the world. These are simply numbers to go by when choosing clip in hair extensions colors from different companies. For instance, if you are a #33 with another company, ours may not necessarily be the exact same. But we provide many pictures to help, and we have many other ways of making sure you get your correct match.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know here. If you have a picture to upload for us to match for you, you can upload it in an email at info@myfantasyhair.comYou want your hair extensions as quickly as possible, and we want to get it to you! These methods have shown to be the most effective, and hassle-free.

How to Send a Sample

First thing is first! We would need to have a small “chunk” of hair, either cut from your hair, or possibly a previous extension piece you may have. Either will be returned to you. If you send us a previous extension piece, be sure that the color matches your own hair as much as you would like. And of course with a sample of your natural hair, this will provide exactly what we need to find your correct color match.

When sending a piece of your own hair, the sample must be a small “chunk” of hair, with many strands so that the color can be determined. (See photo below).. You will not need to cut a lot from your natural hair, but there must be enough strands that we can see the color. In other words, we can not accept 4 strands of hair, 10 strands of hair, etc…

The best size for an accurate sample piece, would be at least the length of your thumb, and the thickness should be at least that of a “regular-sized” straw. Approximately the thickness of a McDonald’s straw. Make sure the hair is bound together with a rubberband, paperclip, tape, etc.

Where should you cut this chunk of hair? Well certainly not from the top of your head. Try snipping a small portion of hair from underneath your hair. If you are to receive a hair cut soon in the future, it would be a great idea to ask your stylist for some of the remains.

If you have more than one shade in your hair, please make sure the color sample you send to us, is the exact shade you need matched. When clipping in extensions, you will be clipping much more hair into your head than you are used to having. So the color of the extensions, will become your majority hair color.

Color Matching “Multi-colored”, Highlighted or Ombre hair

For hair colors containing two different shades or more: The best color to match, will most likely be the color you have the most of. Our hair extensions are solid colored, so they will need to blend well with all of your other hair colors. And this also depends on what look you are going for. If you would like to “bring out” a certain color in your hair, that you may have less of, you may choose to match the color you have the least of in your hair already. If you have any questions or need advice with this, we would be glad to help with this as well.

You want to clip in hair extensions that will pull all of your hair colors together well, and blend the most natural way possible. This may not always be an easy decision, and we can guide you on the best choice. Our suggestions will only be suggestions, and we can not guarantee your perfect color match in any way. We can let you know our opinions, suggestions, and we will hope for the best. Our stylists are very good at what they do, and we do issue as many exchanges as necessary here in the U.S. for free. If you need to make an exchange from outside of the U.S., the shipping must be paid by the customer both ways. You can read more in our Return Policy.

Highlighted hair

The suggested way to purchase solid colored extensions for highlighted hair, would be to match your “underneath” shade. You should basically have two shades in your hair, if it is highlighted. Depending on how many highlights you have, you may choose to match one color or the other. And just like with multi-colored hair colors, you may choose to match the extensions with the shade you have the most of in your hair, or the least of.

Remember that the extensions will be clipped underneath your hair, so matching the color towards the bottom often provides the better results. For instance, if you have dark brown hair as your natural color, and blonde highlights on top, you may want to match your natural brown color. What can often happen, is by matching the light blonde highlights, you may end up with a three-way pattern. Light blonde on the top of your hair, brown in the middle, and then your long extensions would be light blonde. If you are adding length with the extensions, remember that any extra length you have, will be a 100% solid color. So any length you add, will only be one color. The only way to add length with our extensions using more than one shade, is to purchase two sets of hair extensions, in your two different colors.

Creating Custom Ombre Hair

Ombre extensions can be created using solid colored extensions. The best way to accomplish this, is to have your natural hair ombre-colored already. Trying to clip in a different color to your already solid colored hair in a different color, may not give the desired results. When your hair is already ombre, all you would need to do is match the bottom shade in your hair. The extensions will then blend with your bottom color, and your entire hair look will have an ombre effect.

See our NEW Ombre Collection

Unless you plan to dye the extensions (which we do not recommend unless using our “Virgin Collection” and several tests first) this would be the best way to create ombre with our extensions. We do not advise to dye any human hair extensions. Read more in our Style Guide.

From darkest to lightest in shade. These are only examples, and we do not carry multi-colored extensions. The purpose of this illustration, is to guide you on which color to purchase, based on what fits the needs for your “multi-colored”, or highlighted hair.

These are just a few examples.

  1. Medium brown and light blonde.
  2. Dark blonde and light blonde.
  3. Red (We do not carry this shade) and light blonde.

For matching the majority shade in your hair, you would:

  1. Match the medium brown shade with our Brown Sugar color.
  2. Match the dark blonde shade with our Butterscotch color.
  3. Match the dark red shade.

For adding more highlights or lowlights to this hairstyle, you would:

  1. Match the light blonde shade with our Bleach Blonde color.
  2. Match the light blonde shade with our Bleach Blonde color.
  3. Match the light blonde shade with our Platinum Blonde color.

Depending on which color you would like to bring out more, this is the color you would choose for your clip-in extensions. Remember, whichever color you choose for your clip-ins will add much more of that color to your hairstyle.

If you are still unsure, please feel free to email us with your photo(s). We are here to help! We understand that ordering extensions may be a time-sensitive matter, and we want to help as much as possible. We will be happy to assist you, to give you more peace-of-mind.

Sending a photo for color matching:

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When sending a photo to have your hair color matched, we can not guarantee the correct color will be chosen for you. Our staff is well trained to do the best they can, but due to different computer and device screens, camera settings, and especially lighting, a perfect match cannot be guaranteed. If you are in a hurry and this is your best option, it has shown to be very effective.

Tips for taking the best color-matching-photos.

Try to make sure you use a good camera, and that you have plenty of light. The better the camera, the more accurate the color will be for our staff. Try to be sure the camera is at least 5 feet away from the target you are shooting. This will help prevent any blurring, and should show the color clearly.

Try to use natural lighting, but not severe bright lighting. Too much outdoor lighting may alter the color, and make it look much lighter than it really is. The best suggestion we have, is to shoot the photo indoors near a large window. Be sure the light is facing your target, and not shinning out from behind your target.

Include any other information in your email that our staff would need to know. If you have more than one color in your hair, please let us know which color you need matched. If you are unsure, we can assist with this as well.

Length Chart

Many will not have the time for this preparation. The truth is, if the incorrect shade is chosen, the process will most likely take longer. If the item needs to be exchanged for a closer color match, this can delay your extensions purchase. Of course, in the event you would like an exchange, we gladly offer this option for free in the United States. Read more in our Return Policy. If you do wish to try the color first and exchange later, we do suggest sending us a sample back with your return item. This will be very helpful, and should guarantee that we know the correct color to match you with.
Just remember, if you do have the time to send in a sample, you may find this a much more favorable option.

If you have any further questions about taking photos or sending us a sample, please email us at


Send any samples to the following address. Please include your contact email address, so we can get back with you. We are closed during weekends and holidays, and answer each email within 48 hours.


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Thanks for shopping with us!
-My Fantasy Hair Team

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