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We are so very proud to introduce our new Custom Extensions line! We are one of the only brands in the world that offer this new service and product, and our customers adore them.
So what about this new line is custom, and what can you customize? You may now order your extensions in any length, for each individual extensions piece!

We recommend this product on our website, to those who are very familiar with clip in hair extensions. It is very important to know exactly how long you need every extension piece to be. Basically what we have done is, put 5 packages together to choose from, and you choose how many inches you need each individual piece to be. Nothing else has changed, and we still give you the same amazing quality human hair, in our same 10-piece Deluxe sets. Each Custom Extensions package will have 10 pieces total. Now for the first time ever, you can adjust the length of any piece you’d like!

Let’s start here: We definitely recommend knowing exactly how long you need the extensions, and it is best to have practiced with a previous set of extensions. Have you ever owned a set of extensions, and thought, “I wish the front two pieces were just an inch shorter!” Or, “It would be great if the large piece that clips in the back, was just an inch longer? Often times when we receive a new set of extensions, adjustments often are made to our extensions. And now, we can do that for you. Each of our packages have a range of lengths in which you can choose from.

  • 11″ to 14″ package.
  • 15″ to 18″ package.
  • 18″ to 20″ package.
  • 21″ to 24″ package.
  • 24″ to 26″ package.

The first thing many of, is by having your extensions in different lengths, this may cause a “layered” hairstyle. Well, it may actually be the other-way-around. See, when each extension piece is the exact same length, each piece will rise at the ends a little, each time you clip an extension in your hair.

Each clip-in piece is inserted, one on top of the next. So naturally, with each extension being the same length, the ends will rise each time a piece is clipped into your hair. So by ordering clip in extensions in all the same lengths, like one of our Deluxe Sets we offer, the extensions should already look layered in your hair. This is standard for clip in hair extensions, because all other brands offer extensions in 18″ long, or 20″ long, and so on… So there has never been any real way around it, unless you have the extensions custom-cut. So if you would not like the layered look, this option may be for you! You can strategically have each piece cut, so that all of your extensions end at the very same length at the ends. I hope you follow, I know that is a lot of information there 🙂

The possibilities are endless when you use this brand new service. Our team will cut the extensions to your specific needs, and you may contact us with any questions, at any time! And remember, you will need to know exactly where you want to clip in each piece, before deciding what lengths the pieces should be. It is best to practice with a previous set of extensions, and this should give you a good idea of how to order this product. All of our Custom Extensions are non-refundable for any reason, and this is simply because we can’t use the product if it is returned to us. If you have any questions about ordering, or any other questions, please contact us at

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