The Need for Faster Growing Hair:
Many individuals want their hair to grow much faster for numerous reasons. This can be because of a bad haircut or an interest in a different style. Most of us have searched for a way to make our hair grow like crazy, and the results were often not what we wanted. There are eight foods that that can make your hair grow much faster, and the specifics are listed below.

Avocados have a large concentration of the same essential fatty acids located in your skin cells. This is what keeps your skin supple and smooth, and the reason many consider avocados to be a beauty secret. When you apply avocados topically to your scalp and hair, your production of elastin and collagen is stimulated. Sour cream contains lactic acid, capable of getting rid of any buildup on your scalp and exfoliating dead skin. Mixing a little sour cream with the avocado, and applying the mixture to your scalp and hair for approximately ten minutes is an excellent way to stimulate hair growth.

Eggs contain omega-3 and biotin. Many people take biotin in a supplement to increase hair growth. Although the egg white is considered healthier, the yolk is what will give you beautiful, long hair. If you eat too many egg white, the biotin absorption of your body can be blocked, and the micronutrient depleted.

Salmon contains protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. These are incredibly strong hair growth supporters because they help keep your scalp healthy.

One of the causes of poor scalp conditions and hair loss is a zinc deficiency. Oysters contain large quantities of zinc. Only three ounces of oysters provide 493 percent of the total daily value. This is not true for all oysters, especially those from the Gulf of Mexico. These oysters often contain an unusually high level of Cadmium because of the BP oil spill in 2010, and should be avoided.

Almonds contain a high biotin content, and this will make your hair grow a lot thicker and faster. One cup of almonds is almost a third of the daily requirement. Once you begin adding almonds to your diet, it only takes a month or two before you can see the results.

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes contain a lot of beta carotene, and this is the precursor for vitamin A. In addition to being effective for hair growth, sweet potatoes promote a healthy scalp. Do not exceed 2500 milligrams of vitamin A contained in retinol because at extremely high levels it can be toxic. You are much better off with foods high in beta carotene.

Yellow peppers
Yellow bell peppers have almost five and a half times more vitamin C than what is found in oranges. This is excellent news for your hair, because one of the antioxidants that strengthens the hair follicles and hair shaft is vitamin C. This will also help stop any breakage, promoting your hair to grow like crazy

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