Having lustrous hair with infinite growth potential is the dream of many far and wide. Though highly desired, many have a hard time achieving this feat of beauty. Some believe that the next “miracle product” is the only way to stimulate hair growth. However, with the right beauty regime and daily maintenance, you can achieve luscious locks that have increased health and strength, which in turn will give the rewarding result of increased hair growth.

The first step to achieving increased hair growth is a weekly schedule of deep conditioning. After washing your hair, perform a deep conditioning at least once a week. A good technique is to sit under a hair dryer while deep conditioning for increased penetration of the conditioner into your hair shaft and follicles. If you don’t have a hair dryer, you can purchase an affordable thermal shower cap at your local beauty or drug store. It’s also a good idea to purchase a leave-in conditioner, which will lightly condition and protect your hair throughout the day.

Products with Protein or Keratin also help in increasing the strength of your hair. These products penetrate through the hair follicles and provide an extra layer of protection from daily hair maintenance. These products increase strength, protect from heat damage and promote hair growth. Try to find shampoos, conditioners and styling products with one or more of these ingredients.

Using less heat with your hair also helps in promoting hair growth. Excess heat can damage the hair shaft and promote breakage by making your hair dry and brittle. Lessening the frequency of styling your hair with heat can greatly decrease hair breakage and split ends, which in turn promotes hair growth. Protein and Keratin styling products are excellent in protecting hair from heat styling. A good technique is applying a heat protection styling product to your hair, while styling the hair in sections. This gives more of a concentrated application to each section of hair, thus more defense from heat damage.

It’s also important to be gentle and patient with your hair when styling or performing maintenance. Adding more stress by tugging your hair when combing and brushing can cause split ends and breakage. A good technique is to separate your hair into four sections and treating each section individually. You also don’t want to over wash your hair. Most beauty professionals recommend washing your hair every 2 to 3 days, depending on your hair type. Over washing adds stress and dries out your hair. It’s best to give it a “rest” if you can. Protective hairstyles are an excellent choice to allow your hair to take a break from daily maintenance. A bun or braid style can be protective for example.

Integrating these tips into your daily beauty routine will encourage your hair to grow to the length of your dreams. Achieving length takes time and patience, however having growth promoting locks is ideal and can give you many options for the style that you desire

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