Let’s start by saying, there are a lot of misconceptions about caring for clip-ins. Clip-in hair extensions, and human hair in general is very different type of product, with many variables to consider.

First, there are many hair qualities you can purchase, and some are much better than others. Of course, I will tell you that ours is the highest quality available, because technically it is. Our hair is pure Remy human hair, which is so much better than synthetic hair. You want your extensions to blend well, and look natural. The most natural hair you can get, would be actual human hair. We will talk more in a later post about what Remy hair is. To sum it up, the term “Remy Hair” means the cuticles of the hair have been carefully sorted through to ensure they all run in the same direction. The strands have not been stripped, like most non-Remy extensions are. The cuticles have been preserved to create the most natural look, and keeps the hair from tangling. Because the cuticles run in the same direction, there is less chance that the strands of hair will mat, and cause tangling. Non-Remy hair, is usually hair that is gathered from the floor, after it has been cut. The strands are not sorted through carefully, and the cuticles are not all running in the same direction. This process can be very time consuming, therefore making the hair more valuable, and higher in price.

Not only is our hair made with pure Remy human hair, all of our hair is actually “Double-Drawn”. The term “Double-Drawn” refers to human hair that has been sorted through more than twice to ensure every hair strand is of the same length. This ensures you have a clean set of extensions with little to no broken hairs in the set. This is even more time consuming, and makes double-drawn hair extensions almost triple the value of our close competitors. So with these two processes in mind, you want to keep an eye out for these terms when choosing a set of extensions that will last a long time, and extend their lifespan.

How Long Will They Last?

Next, there is the matter of “How long will my extensions last”? The answer is a difficult one. When you purchase clip in hair extensions, their life time can depend completely on how they are cared for. Do you ever wonder why there are so many conflicting reviews on YouTube, and people’s blogs? When you see the same hair extensions brand being reviewed, why does one person say the extensions are amazing, and the other says they are not? Well, sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone is lying. Human hair is a very complex product, and there are some grey areas. There are definitely some dishonest brands that only care about making money, and abandon quality. But sometimes reviewers will overlook one grey area. The main grey area that some do not consider, is hair products.

*Hair products you use next, will usually be the only thing that can change the texture of your hair extensions. Rule of thumb: Test all hair products before using on all of your extensions. Why? Well, have you used a shampoo that has dried your natural hair out before? Maybe your friend loves a particular brand of shampoo, but when you tried it you just hated it? This is why. All shampoos will not work the same on everyone’s hair the same. This is the same with clip-in hair extensions, and all types of hair extensions. If you find that your extensions seem a bit dry after washing, you will want to try a deep conditioning treatment. Chances are, the shampoo you tried just may not be the correct choice for your hair extensions.

Another thing to consider. You have spent your whole life getting-to-know your on natural hair. You know which shampoos make your hair shiny, manageable, and tangle-free. You also know which shampoos and conditioners can dry your hair out, and this may not be the case for someone else. Someone else may love the shampoos that you despise! So now that you have spent all of your life building this knowledge, take some time to get-to-know your clip-in extensions. Give them some TLC, and test, test, test.


Clip-in Hair extensions will not need washing often. Try to wash them only every 4 to 6 weeks, or every 10 to 15 uses. The extensions are not connected to your scalp, therefore they will not collect your natural oils from the scalp. Because your clip-ins do not become oily on a daily basis, over washing can dry-out your extensions. Because your extensions will not catch your natural oils, they will not need the extra washing either. We wash our own hair daily (or every other day) because our hair becomes oily, so it is a necessity. Your natural oils from your scalp are what keep your natural hair conditioned 24/7.

It is important that when you do wash your clip-in extensions to give them a deep conditioning treatment. We suggest doing this for at least an hour, or overnight for the best results.

Trim those ends!

We understand that extensions will damage over a long period of time. Some will take longer than others, depending on the care of the extensions, what products are used, etc. Just like your natural hair, you need to trim the ends of your extensions after they damage. It’s human hair, so the ends will start to damage with any heat application after some time has passed. The difference is, your extensions are not going to grow back, like your natural hair does. So, after a 6 months to 1 year or so, you may notice the ends of your extensions start to split. (This time frame is an example, there are too many variables to give an accurate lifespan). Split ends over time are completely normal, and each set of extensions will have its day. The day where something needs to be done about those ends. Rather than replacing your extensions, try giving them a trim! When using human hair extensions, this is to be expected. You can easily trim the ends of your extensions, and have brand new, thick and luscious ends! It is suggested to have your natural hair trimmed once every 6 to 8 weeks as well. It’s all human hair, and it all must be trimmed eventually.

Dying your Extensions

We have hundreds beyond hundreds of happy customers that have colored our extensions and sent in photos. They always look amazing! We can never guarantee any results when dying any human hair, and we urge you to proceed with extreme caution when dying clip-in extensions. Like any human hair, it will not always dye the same. There are thousands of dye brands in the world, and so many different hair types and genetics. We always suggest using a professional stylist, and always TEST a small piece off hair first. When the color turns out the way you desire, then proceed with coloring all of your extensions. Never put color all over your extensions all at once before testing. Have you or someone you know had their hair colored blonde, but it came out red? It happens to professional stylists all of the time. This is because if the correct levels are not placed on the hair, the hair may not come to the desired color. If you do happen to reach the desired color, we also cannot say what the damage will be. Our extensions are not suggested for dying, which is why we have a wide range of colors to choose from, and we offer our free color matching service. Yes they can be dyed, at your own risk. If for instance, you decide to bleach a set of extensions, there is a large chance for damage. Just be very aware, and consult with a professional. And as always, you may contact us with any questions you may have as well at

Hopefully, we have been able to answer some questions you may have about your caring for your extensions.

Thanks again for reading!

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