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So, either you are thinking about trying clip in hair extensions, or you have some, and want to know the best way to clip them into your hair. Or maybe, you just want to find another way. So is there a specific way to clip in hair extensions? The answer is no, there is no one specific way to clip them in. Just like anything else, there are many ways to do this, and you don’t have to settle for just one method. Like most brands, we do have a suggested guide to clipping in each extension piece, but it still only a guide. You can choose how many pieces you want to put in your hair, where you want to put them, and now with our Custom Extensions, you can even customize the length of every piece! Each person is unique in their own way, and you will most likely have a different way of clipping in your extensions than the next person.

So where do you start?

The first thing you want to do, is decide whether you want to style your extensions before clipping them in, or after. Many prefer to style their extensions before clipping them into their hair. Clip in extensions can be styled before, or after clipping them in. If you decide to style your extensions before-hand, we now offer Hair Hangers in our Online Store! Our hangers can be used to clip your extensions in a gentle grip, allowing you to style your extensions more easily.
Once you are ready to install, be sure to open each clip by snapping the clips open with your fingers.

You may have seen these instructions before, on the “Style Guide” page of our website. This again is merely a guide, and you can change the order of the extension pieces at any time.

Installation Instructions:

*This guide is based on our 10pc. Deluxe Collection. You may adjust these steps for any of our Collections, for any amount of pieces you have.

*You will need a hair clip.
  1. Take a toothpick comb, or your fingers, and run a line across the back of your head below your ears for your first weft. Pull the top half of your hair into the hair clip to keep in place. *Keep in mind you have to practice, but you will be a pro in no time!
  2. Take one of your 2-clip wefts, snap them open, and secure them along your hair line. Close clips in place.
  3. Let down a little small section of hair, ( Using your toothpick comb or fingers) then repeat putting the top half of your hair into the hair clip to keep in place.
  4. Take one of you 3-clip wefts, open the clips, and secure along your new hair line. Close clips in place.
  5. Repeat this process for your next 3-clip weft.
  6. After running yet another line across the back of your head (above your last 3-clip weft) and repeat the process for the Triple Weft. This is usually the last piece to go in the back of your head.
  7. The remaining 2-clip wefts are for the sides of your head. You want to repeat the process with 2 of these sets for each side of your head. This is to hide your natural hair and frame your face.
  8. Your two 1-clip wefts can be placed anywhere around your face for extra face-framing. Have fun with these, and position them wherever they look best on you!
  9. Let the top of your natural hair down on all of your extensions and style as you normally would.


  • With My Fantasy Hair Extensions, most sets will include 10 pieces. The grams will depending on the length you choose. Most of our sets will contain 10 extension pieces, so this guide will work for any of our sets. If you have a set that includes 9 pieces, just omit 1 step. You may also choose to add as many pieces as you would like from your set. Just omit or add using this guide.
  • You can change the order in which the pieces are inserted, at any time. Many will choose to clip in our Triple Weft last, leaving this piece at the top of their hair. Or, some will choose to clip this piece in first.
  • Practice can help you decide in which order you would like to insert your clip-ins. In the beginning, you will probably try several different combinations, until you find a routine that you like. Practicing with clip-ins can be exciting! And you can create many different hairstyles, based solely on which pieces you use, and where you clip them in.

Have fun beauties, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions! Thanks for visiting our blog!

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