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So you are ready to create stunning new looks with your clip in extensions! Like most clip in hair extensions, ours are straight-styled. For now anyway. We have big plans to add wavy textures, curly textures, and even virgin hair in the near future.
Until then, how exactly can you style your clip in extensions?

Anyone with naturally wavy or curly hair may certainly use our extensions, because our pure human hair can be used with heat styling tools. So when you think about styling your clip ins, the first thought that comes to mind is a curling iron. Be sure when you use hot tools on your extensions, to use a heat-protection spray first. Unlike your own hair, the extensions will not repair once they have been damaged. Your own natural hair is constantly growing, and where there is damage, there is new hair sprouting in other places. The damage you create with your own locks will not be quite the scenario as your extensions. Because as we all know, extensions do not grow back.

Be sure to trim the ends of your extensions after a few months of use. This will give the ends a brand-new healthy look! Always salvage your extensions by giving them a quick trim. Stylists suggest trimming your natural hair every 6 to 8 weeks. Extensions can go longer, but it still should be done. They are the same material after all. 🙂

So now I want to share another way to gain wavy or curly hair, without any damage to your extensions at all. Hot tools are the obvious choice for gaining luscious curls and waves. But we have an even better way to get beautiful wavy hair, with zero damage. We certainly did not invent the concept, but it is an idea that most women have forgotten about. We put our extensions to the test by simply braiding the clip ins, and hanging them on a hair hanger overnight!

This is something you can experiment with, until you achieve the results you are looking for. Depending on how tight the braid is or how loose, will determine how wavy or curly your extensions will be the next morning. Easy right? We all remember when we were young, and our mother or someone special would braid our hair at night. The next morning, we would have really amazing waves and curls the next day. Why not do this with your clip in extensions? We advise strongly against wearing your extensions to bed, as this can cause tangling and matting. So while your extensions are just “hanging” out on your Hair Hanger with nothing better to do, braid them!

Another good tip, using a spray bottle with water, and “dampen” your extensions lightly. Braid your (lightly) damp extensions, and you will have more defined curls in the morning. The results should be a natural-looking curl success! Do not over-do the water, or your extensions may not be fully dry in the morning. Braiding “wet” hair can trap the moisture, causing the hair to not dry completely. And in case your curls need a few adjustments, you can always apply your curling iron in necessary places. If anything, this neat little trick can prevent excessive damage to your extensions, because now you wont need to apply so much heat to your extensions.

I hope this helps, and you find inspiring new ways to style your beautiful hair! Remember, this can also be done with your natural hair as well. If you have thin natural hair or your hair is easily broken, this awesome little trick can give you tons of bounce to your hair! And in a much safer manner. The less damage we apply to our hair, it is always better in the long run.
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