How You Wash Might Be To Blame
We all want shiny, healthy hair. However, sometimes we struggle with hair that just does not want to cooperate. While many are quick to blame their styling regimen for their hair woes, sometimes it’s actually how we wash our hair that’s to blame. If you’re dealing with some common hair woes, here are some tips on how to switch up your shampoo regimen.

Your Issue: Dandruff
Your Problem: You’re using the wrong shampoo
Many people with dandruff believe that frequent washing is the solution to their problem. It’s true that when you wash your hair, any visible dandruff flakes disappear down the drain. However, if you suffer from chronic dandruff, the flakes are likely to return after only a few hours.
The solution is to find a medicated shampoo that’s specifically designed to fight dandruff. You might have to experiment to see which one is right for you, but eventually you’re likely to find one that works. If none of the over-the-counter options seem to be working for you, talk to your doctor about prescription strength shampoos.
Your Issue: You don’t suffer from medical hair loss, but you shed a lot of hair when you shampoo
Your Problem: You’re too rough on your hair and scalp
It’s normal to shed some hair when you shower. However, if you find your hair shedding at a very high rate, you’re probably being too rough on your hair. One of the common culprits is trying to wash tangled hair. When you attempt to shampoo tangled hair, you have to pull and tug to break through the tangles. This is extremely harsh on the hair and can cause it to break off at the root. Make it a habit to brush out any tangles before you get in the shower and to be as gentle as possible when you shampoo.
Your Issue: Your hair is always frizzy and dry
Your Problem: You shampoo too much
Those who suffer from oily scalps or dandruff might need to shampoo daily, but there’s no benefit to daily shampooing for those with normal or dry hair types. In fact, frequent shampooing can cause frizz and additional dryness. Try switching to a twice or thrice a week shampooing schedule. Shampooing less frequently means that your hair will hang on to more of its natural oils, which are crucial in taming frizz. Dry shampoos and scented hairsprays can keep your hair smelling and feeling fresh between washes.
Your Issue: Your hair falls flat
Your Problem: A mix of the wrong product and the wrong technique
If volume is your goal, find a volumizing shampoo that will help to lift your hair at the root and give you the body you want. In addition, try turning your head upside down in the shower and working your shampoo into your scalp from the nape of the neck towards the forehead. This will encourage the hair to lift at the root.
No matter what your hair woes, if you follow these tips, you can get the bouncy, healthy and gorgeous hair you want

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