You’re ready to wash your clip in hair extensions! The process is very simple, and much like washing your natural hair. We thought we would post step-by-step photos of the process being done, so you can get the visual. First thing’s first, what type of shampoo should you be using on extensions? We have recommendations, and most of them may even extend the life of your clip ins.

We highly suggest using our new Hair Care Line, which is specially formulated for use on all hair extension types. Our formula is infused with argan oil, and 100% sulfate free, paraben and sodium chloride-free.  These are the features you want to look for when choosing a shampoo that will not dry your hair, but rather add moisture and extend the life of your extensions. If you have not yet purchased our new hair care line, the best shampoos to use on your extensions will be the more expensive brands. When using the cheaper brands of shampoo, there may often be a wax-like ingredient in them which can cause excessive build-up on your hair over time. Remember, that everyone’s hair will react to shampoos differently due to different hair types. Our extensions are the same way, because they are made with pure, human hair. You’ll need to find a shampoo that works well with your extensions, as it may not be the case with someone else’s. This is why people have different preferences on shampoo.

The main thing to remember with extensions, is that you want to deep condition them at least every-other washing. Unlike your natural hair, your extensions have no way of replenishing their moisture. Your natural hair is constantly producing oils, therefore your own hair will not dry out so much overtime. Your scalp is constantly producing oils that distribute throughout your hair 24/7. These oils unfortunately will not reach your clip in extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are dead, and lifeless, whereas your natural hair is still very much alive at the root. Your extensions will need more assistance with moisture. So be sure to deep condition your extensions, and you will keep them healthier much longer!

Step 1

Make sure to close all of your clips. This way, they will not snag on anything, or get in the way during washing.

Step 2

Rinse your extensions, by holding the top of the wefts with one hand. Use the other hand to wet the hair extensions, and soak with water.

Step 3

Apply your favorite shampoo to the extensions. Here we are using My Fantasy Hair’s (Argan Oil) “Extreme Moisturizing” Shampoo, because it really strengthens your hair and decreases breakage. Lather well.
*Getting the clips wet is fine. The clips are coated, so rusting will not occur. If you prefer not to have the clips wet, you can just carefully hold the top of the weft with your hand, covering the clips and lace. (As shown above).

Step 4

Rinse your extensions thoroughly. Using warm water is best, as this will open the pores of the hair to absorb the conditioner in our next step.

Step 5

Squeeze the excess water from your extensions. Apply your favorite conditioner to your extensions. A deep conditioning treatment is advised, at least every other washing. Here, we are using My Fantasy Hair’s (Argan Oil) “Extreme Moisturizing” Conditioner. Massage conditioner into the ends of your extensions, and then work your way up towards the top of the wefts. (Use less towards the top). Let the conditioner sit in your extensions for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are using a deep conditioning treatment, follow directions on the bottle or container. For a deeper treatment, leave any conditioner in overnight.

Repeat Step 4 by rinsing your extensions thoroughly.


Step 6

Squeeze the water out of your extensions, and towel dry to remove excess water.


Hang your extensions on your hair hanger, or somewhere out of the way where they can dry. We do suggest air drying for the safest route. Anytime you use heat styling tools, you will run the risk of damaging your extensions, or any human hair for that matter. But, you may use a hair dryer if desired.

Shown in photos:

Hair Hangers, by My Fantasy Hair
18″ Deluxe Collection, Chestnut #4, 170 grams.


Thanks again for reading!

My Fantasy Hair

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