Human Hair vs. Synthetic

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between synthetic clip in hair extensions, and human hair clip in extensions? Do real hair extensions clip in better than synthetic extensions? Which type of hair is the best choice for me?

Human hair is the most natural material used for hair extensions, and that is why they are the most desired choice for clip in extensions. You will find, that they will blend in the best with your natural hair, because human hair is the same as your own hair! You cannot get more natural-looking than that. Because of how well they blend with your natural hair, they are less detectable, and no one will even know that you have them in. Our Human hair, clip in extensions are made of the finest quality, human hair available. Our beautiful extensions are carefully designed, weft-by-weft, to blend with your hair the most natural way possible. We have spent almost 10 years seeking out the highest quality, and have found the best solution for blending each weft in all of the right places.

Synthetic hair, however, is extremely cheap- looking, and the texture of them definitely lets others know you have extensions. Synthetic hair looks unrealistic, fake, and unnatural. Synthetic hair does not blend well with your own hair, therefore others may be able to see that you are wearing extensions. Most can spot synthetic hair a mile away. When choosing human hair extensions, the fastest way to indicate whether they are real human hair or not, is when heat-styling products are applied. The synthetic hair will melt off onto your styling device! Whether it is a few strands or many strands, synthetic hair is notorious for having this issue. Synthetic hair is plastic, which as we all know, melts. Heat styling synthetic hair is rarely an option. Rarely will you find synthetic hair that does not do this, and it is the last thing you want to have happen to you. There are companies that sometimes say that their synthetic hair can be heat-styled. What they don’t tell you, is you will not be able to set the device on a very high setting. Synthetic extensions will also shed, as human hair wefts will not. When you pay for human hair extensions, you expect the wefts to be sewn together tightly . Many synthetic companies have such a cheap product, that the extensions are not carefully handled at the time of production, and therefore you get what you pay for. Extra care in securing the wefts is not something that is often done with synthetic hair, and many are just poorly made.

So, we learned how to recognize human hair vs. synthetic hair, and the reasons why we look to purchase real human hair extensions. My Fantasy Hair provides not only 100% Human hair, but it is Premium quality, Remy human hair. Our hair is of the highest quality on the market, and we pride ourselves in the care put into every strand of our extensions.

My Fantasy Hair

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