Three Things You Must Do When Using Hair Straighteners

Many women on a quest for sleek, frizz-free hair resort to using hair straighteners on a daily basis. While highly productive and efficient in achieving the outward appearance of silky, smooth tresses, prolonged use of such products can result in severe heat damage which compromises the overall health of hair strands.

The heat styling process frequently strips hair of moisture, causing split ends that leave it vulnerable to frizz when exposed to even the slightest bit of humidity. Fortunately, those hoping to wear sleek styles without extensive wear and tear do not need to part with their beloved hair straighteners. The following tips will minimize the amount of damage caused by heat styling.

1.) Use the right shampoo and conditioner. Healthy hair straightens faster with less damage to strands. Investing in higher quality shampoos and conditioners that properly nourish and moisturize hair drastically improves its ability to hold up under regular heat styling. Certain proteins and botanicals found in various products promote shine and smoothness. Keratin in particular protects hair from heat damage by strengthening the cuticles and improving elasticity. However, consumers should avoid sulfate containing products, as they often strip hair of moisture. Dry, undernourished hair regularly exposed to high heat results in split ends that frizz instantly in humidity.

2.) Use a thermal protectant. When used properly, thermal protectants minimize frying and splitting by providing an appropriate amount of moisture to hair strands. Ideally, heat protectant creams or sprays should be applied to hair only after it has had time to dry, but some creams can be worked into wet hair. These products specifically target the lengths and ends of hair, so it is unnecessary to apply them to the roots. Thermal protectants work best when combed through individual sections of hair, but it is important to avoid completely saturating hair strands. Excessive moisture causes hair to fry when exposed to high heat.

3.) Invest in high quality hair straighteners. Hair straighteners with poorly constructed plates can snag hair, resulting in split ends and frizz. Furthermore, inefficient heating mechanisms increase the amount of passes needed to completely straighten hair strands. Hair straighteners with fast heat recovery times reduce damage by allowing hair to be straightened with a fewer number of strokes. Ceramic tourmaline plates use negatively charged ions to smooth hair cuticles while evenly distributing heat for more efficient styling. Smoother plates also reduce the friction that causes split ends and frizz.

Ultimately, sleek and shiny hair starts with healthy strands. Dry and damaged hair simply cannot be tamed into a smooth style. Proper maintenance and investment in high quality products that moisturize and fortify hair reduces the amount of time involved in the hair straightening process and improves the style’s ability to hold up in humid condition

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