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We have such exciting news! We are now giving our new Hair Hanger and Storage Bag away for FREE, with every hair extensions order! Now any hair item you purchase, will be hung on our your very own hair hanger, and placed in your storage bag. We have done away with the pretty little (disposable) boxes!

Why have we done this you may ask yourself? Well it all started when we first received our brand new shipment of bags and hangers. We were brainstorming for our brand new packaging design, and went through samples upon samples of boxes we could offer our customers. We really wanted the new box to be large enough, and practical for storing the hair extensions, even after the customer has purchased. Then we thought, our girls ultimately would like a hanger and bag to store their extensions in, wouldn’t they? This is why we offer the hangers and storage bags in the first place.

With our hair hanger, you can store your extensions safely, as well as use it to style your extensions. Our storage bag serves as a safe place to store your extensions, as well as making travel easy and convenient. Why place our products in any other type of packaging? So our new packaging was decided on. We now introduce to you, the best packaging for luxury clip-in hair extensions anywhere. 🙂

You don’t need to worry about adding these items to your shopping cart on our website. We’ve got you covered! They are automatically included, with no coupon code required. Just sit back and wait for your beautiful new extensions to arrive, wrapped in pure luxury and safety.

These accessories are still available for purchase in our Online Store as well. If you ever need additional hangers or bags, more accessories may be purchased at any time. How long will this deal last? Well, forever. Well, at least until we make an even bigger improvement. But this is definitely an improvement that we expect to stick around for a while. And we do promise if our packaging changes in the future, it will do nothing but get even better.

Please let us know how you like our new packaging! We can be reached at, or on our social media pages. We hope you enjoy these new gifts, and thanks so much for stopping by! Check out our other blog posts while you’re here.

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