Clip-In Extensions Guide

Heat Styling Extensions

You may heat- style your hair extensions just as you would with your natural hair. You can blow-dry, curl and straighten them. Keep in mind, these are human hair extensions and will damage just as your own hair will. You should always use a heat styling, shine protection spray before applying curling and straightening irons. As damage increases, it is also advised to have ends trimmed just like your own hair. The less damage to the extensions, the longer they will last.

Always heat style at least 2 Wefts at one time. Curling, or straightening one weft at a time can be harsh to your extensions. By increasing the thickness while styling your extensions, you will gain the same results, with less damage. Our Triple Wefts, and Volumizing Quad Wefts can be styled by alone because they are plenty thick enough.

Our hair extensions are Remy hair, and the finest quality of human hair, so they will last you up to 2 years with all of the proper care. That is a long time for hair extensions because they can only be trimmed so much. If you only use them for special occasions, the life span of your extensions can be  limitless.

Dying Your Extensions

You may color dye your extensions, because they are human hair. We usually don’t recommend it, and we strongly urge you to find your correct color instead. Because it is human hair, we can not guarantee you will achieve the desired results you seek. Just as some may be able to dye their own hair a certain color, that color may not work for someone else. Extensions are no different, because they are made of pure human hair. Genetics will play a large role in how the hair behaves. Hair dye is unpredictable, and there are too many dye brands in the world that may have different results.

No pure human hair extensions brand can guarantee any results in dying. Do you remember that unfortunate event, where you or someone you know dyed their hair blonde? Maybe it turned out red? So long as a brand of extensions is pure human hair, these perfect results are not guaranteed. Most will have no trouble with dying our human hair, and we have many many amazing color results. Everything from bright reds, greens, blue, to ombres, balayage and highlights.  Because dye can be so unpredictable, we can not guarantee these results, and we can’t guarantee that damage will not occur.  Because of these reasons, you must dye at your own risk. We can certainly give our advice, so email us with any questions you may have. Always TEST a small area of the extensions first before proceeding with all of your extensions! And talk with your stylist if you need additional guidance.

Try to never drastically change the color of your hair with box dye, because you may not get the color you desire. This could happen when using a professional stylist as well. For instance, if you have dark hair extensions, it is not advised to try to dye them platinum blonde. We do not suggest using box dye, but if so, try to keep the color within 1 – 2 shades of the extension’s color. Drastically changing the hair color with box dye, often results in an undesired color. If you must drastically change the color of your extensions, we strongly advise having a professional stylist color them for you.

Washing Your Extensions

Depending on the usage of the extensions, we advise to only wash them every 3-4 weeks. Hair extensions are not like your natural hair, in that they do not grow out of your head, and collect the natural oils from your scalp. Your extensions will not collect those natural oils, which is what ultimately makes your hair dirty, and oily. A good washing every 3-4 weeks is to refresh your extensions from hairsprays and other product build-up. Washing on a daily, even weekly basis is not advised. Washing too often will result in drying of the clip in extensions. Human hair materials naturally dry out, and it is because of our scalp’s oils, that our natural hair stays healthy, and moisturized. Every day conditioners help our hair out, but these natural moisturizers are there for a specific purpose. If you wash your extensions too often, your extensions will dry out much faster.

When washing your extensions, always apply a good deep conditioner to them after washing, and rinse in cold water. The cold water will shut the pores of your hair, locking in the moisture. Apply a leave-in conditioner. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way to the top of your hair. This will prevent damage from any tangling that may occur.

Try a deep conditioning treatment overnight. We recommend removing your clip in extensions before going to sleep at night. If you will not have them in your hair at night, why not try to condition them throughout the night? You will be pleased with the results. Rinse well.

*Try our New! MFH Hair Care Line, which is infused with Argan Oil, and completely sulfate-free! This line is specially formulated for hair extensions of all types, and works amazing with natural hair as well. Because we have removed the normal harsh ingredients, such as paraben, sulfate, and sodium chloride, this formula is amazing for adding moisture back to your hair. It’s light, moisturizing, and a little goes a long way. Washing less often is now your secret weapon!

The Truth About Sulfate Shampoos

In recent studies, it has been advised to steer clear from shampoos which contain the active ingredient “Sulfate”. This ingredient is in about 90% of all shampoo brands, and is used for cleaning purposes. This same ingredient is found in Car washing products, bubble bath, de-greasers for vehicle engines, and floor cleaners. This ingredient has also been determined as a contributor to hair loss. This also means, that they may cause harm to your clip in hair extensions, with excessive use. All of the little things count, and we want you to receive the best experience out of your extensions.

Most Recommended Advice for Your Extensions

We recommend using and referencing our Style guide to the fullest. Our clip in hair extensions are made of pure, Remy human hair of the finest quality, but there are some maintenance guidelines that are required. Clip in extensions are not exactly like your own natural hair. Although pure human hair, the extensions are not connected to your scalp. They will not receive the natural oils from your scalp, like your natural hair does. In order to keep your clip in extensions looking and feeling as healthy as the day you received them, they will need a little extra assistance. This is the case with any brand, any company, and any human hair product.

Your natural hair stays healthy, moisturized, and lively because of the natural oils provided by your scalp. Sadly, your extensions will not come in contact with these oils. So what do you do to keep our extensions lively? All you need to do is deep condition your extensions after each wash! It is recommended to wash your extensions every 4-6 weeks, with regular use. More often if necessary.

After each wash, give your extensions a deep conditioning treatment. This will fluff, revive, and moisturize your extensions after the harsh wash they go through. Did you know that each time you wash your hair, you are stripping those natural oils that keep your hair looking healthy and moisturized? Your extensions need this moisture session as well! Deep condition them overnight. You will most likely not be wearing them anyway.

How Long Will My Fantasy Hair Extensions Last?

Keep in mind, this is a Human Hair product. Your clip in hair extensions should last up to 2 years with all of the proper care, suggested below. This is purely an estimate, and many things can come into play when dealing with human hair. Genetics can play a large role in the life-span of your extensions. Indian Human Hair is very sleek, straight, and healthy. This hair-type can hold curl well, and style as you need them to. It does depend on the set of extensions you receive, as to exactly how your extensions will behave. One set may curl or straighten better than the next set of extensions. Just like anywhere else in the world, there are many hair types, and this is a fact with any human hair product you will purchase. Anywhere.

Keep in mind also, that when heat styling your hair extensions, we recommend trimming the ends of your extensions every 6-8 weeks, with everyday use. Just like your natural hair, the ends will fray with excessive heat damage. After giving your ends a trim, your extensions will become just-like-new again! When you can no longer cut the ends of your extensions to achieve your desired length, this is when your extensions will need replacing.

What is Double-Drawn Hair?

“Double-Drawn” refers to hair extensions that have been sorted through more than twice, to ensure that every strand is of the same exact length. This makes the hair have the least amount of breakage, and more valuable. This is a lengthy process, and not one that many hair extension brands take the time to go through. Due to the time involved, this is proven to make MFH the most valuable and highest quality brand in our league. Luckily, My Fantasy Hair has the most affordable “double-drawn” Remy hair extensions in the league. We have gone above and beyond to bring the best quality possible to the market, and we have sacrificed everything to make it happen. Even if it means we have to pay 1/3 the price that our competitors do for our products.

What is Remy Natural Hair?

Remy is the highest grade of human hair extensions. It means that the cuticles of the hair have been carefully sorted through to ensure they all run in the same direction. The strands have not been stripped, like most non-Remy extensions are. The cuticles have been preserved to create the most natural look, and keeps the hair from tangling. Because the cuticles run in the same direction, there is less chance that the strands of hair will snag, and cause tangling. Imagine trying to run your hand across a fur rug. When you run your hand across the rug in the right direction, the feeling is smooth, and easy. When you run your hand in the opposite direction, there is resistance, and with human hair, it can be a mess. This is similar to the way cuticles run on human hair.

Non-Remy hair products are usually put together with the left-over hair, that is in the floor after cutting from the donor. Our Remy quality makes the hair more expensive, and of the highest quality because of the time and care put into the product. It ensures the extensions will stay natural-looking, healthy, shiny and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

These tips are great for your extensions and your natural hair!

How-To Clip In Extensions

We highly recommend following our Style Guide to the fullest. Your extensions will last much longer if you refer to these simple tricks, and maintenance techniques.

Quick Guide

Step 1

Part your hair below the ears. Leave a small section of hair to lay the fist extensions piece on top of it.

Step 2

Snap open each clip first, and apply one 2-clip weft along the hair line. Snap the clips closed.

Step 3

Part your hair again, and insert both of your 3-clip wefts.

Step 4

Part your hair once more, and apply your Tripe Weft. If you have a Quad Weft as well within your collection, part your hair with an additional step, and apply your Quad Weft. The order in which you place your pieces is completely up to you, and depends on what blends best with YOUR hair.

Step 5

Part your hair on both sides of your head, for each side-piece you will apply. Insert (4) 2-clip wefts (two on both sides of your head) and two 1-clip wefts (one on both sides of your head). These pieces are for blending and framing around your face. Place them higher or lower to create layers!


All pieces in our 10 pc. Deluxe Collection applied.

What You’ll Need

Two 1-clip wefts

Five 2 clip-wefts

Two 3-clip wefts

One Triple Wefts

(Included in our 10pc. Deluxe Set)

We have new added newer collections, in which you can use this quick guide and add any additional pieces to your routine.

Application Instructions

NOTE: You will need a hair clip.
  1. Take a toothpick comb, or your fingers, and run a line across the back of your head below your ears for your first weft. Pull the top half of your hair into the hair clip to keep in place. (Keep in mind you have to practice, but you will be a pro in no time!
  2. Take one of your 2-clip wefts, snap them open, and secure them along your hair line. Close clips in place.
  3. Let down a little small section of hair, ( Using your toothpick comb or fingers) then repeat putting the top half of your hair into the hair clip to keep in place.
  4. Take one of you 3-clip wefts, open the clips, and secure along your new hair line. Close clips in place.
  5. Repeat this process for your next 3-clip weft.
  6. After running yet another line across the back of your head (above your last 3-clip weft) and repeat the process for the Triple Weft. This is usually the last piece to go in the back of your head.
  7. If you have a “Quad Weft” within your collection, you may repeat the same step as your Triple-Wefted piece. Just add your Quad Weft on top of, or underneath your Triple Weft!
  8. The remaining 2-clip wefts are for the sides of your head. You want to repeat the process with 2 of these sets for each side of your head. This is to hide your natural hair and frame your face.
  9. Your two 1-clip wefts can be placed anywhere around your face for extra face-framing. Have fun with these, and position them wherever they look best on you!
  10. Let the top of your natural hair down on all of your extensions and style as you normally would.
This is merely a guide to clipping in hair extensions. There are specific routines, and you can clip each piece in the way you wish. This is a guide to get you started, and you will find your own way of creating the perfect hair style that fits your style best!

Watch our application videos HERE!

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