Hair extensions are some of the best ways to get the kind of hair that you have always wanted. Be it long luscious curls that make you look like a fairytale princess or a sleek set of shiny strands to vamp up your look, making it sexier than ever. Clip in hair extensions, in particular, is some of the best kinds of people who always like changing up their look but don’t want to commit to anything that is too drastic. There are tons of clip in hair extensions currently available on the market today. Depending on the kind of look that you want to go in for, you can find something that will help you achieve that.

As effortlessly as a clip in hair extensions might be in giving you a makeover, there is a good amount of upkeep that goes into them to prevent them from looking like a messy barbie dolls hair which has been collecting dust and nothing else! Washing your hair clip extensions the right way is essential, and here are a few tips to do it right to maintain your faux hair for a longer time.
One of the first things that people need to pay attention to is how often you wash your extensions. Since hair extensions are not naturally a part of your head, they do not receive the right nutrition as compared to your regular hair. They do not have a good source of natural oils, which is mainly what keeps natural hair shiny and healthy. Clip in extensions, should therefore ideally be washed only every three to four weeks. This will prevent your extensions from drying up too soon, making it look like the end of a rat’s tail. It is never advised to wash your hair extensions every day, and for those who are used to this kind of routine of washing your hair every day, this might be a hard one.
A good conditioner is one of the best tools that one can use to maintain their hair extensions well. Applying a bit of leave in conditioner every day to the hair is a great way to keep it adequately moisturized, and looking like how it is supposed to. Conditioning it properly while washing it is also something that one can do to maintain the texture of the hair clip ins. Condition it like you usually would with natural hair, and leave it in for fifteen minutes before you wash it off. This will help the conditioner to go deep in the layers of the hair, thus nourishing it more.
Water that is too hot or too cold is not ideal for hair extensions since both can have a pretty nasty effect on them. Instead, the water that you are using to wash it should ideally be lukewarm, so that you can adequately remove all the dirt and grime from it quickly and without much effort. Soak the hair extensions in water for a good fifteen minutes before you start to shampoo it. Be sure that your extensions don’t have any knots and tangles in them, and if they do, you can use a wide toothed comb or detangler to knot it out. Always use shampoos and conditioners which are sulfate free, as that can cause damage to the extensions.

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